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This photograph depicts a mural created by students participating in the 1977 summer arts program at Valle Lindo High School. The program was funded by the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) and taught by artist Ron Reeder.

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These photographs depict several murals created by youth as part of South El Monte City's outreach projects.

This is a photograph from Ron Reeder's personal collection of the Valley Mall, the same block he depicted in his proposed mural "Godzilla Visits El Monte".

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In 1977, the El Monte city council extended an existing ban on murals on all commercial and industrial buildings.

This poster feature images from a play produced by Teatro Urbano about the killing of journalist and civil rights activist Ruben Salazar in the Silver Dollar Cafe by the Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy.

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This video commemorating South El Monte’s All-America City Award for 1974-1975 outlines several of the city's initiatives that helped it earn this award, including a gang-outreach program using muralism to combat graffiti.

Artists Fernando Corona and Alonso Delgadillo pose in front of the mural they created in collaboration with South El Monte Arts Posse (SEMAP).
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