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Sugar Shack listed in LGBT directories and nightclub roundups.

Stacy Macias OH. MP3.mp3
This biographical oral history with Dr. Stacy Iene Macías covers her personal and professional life. She discusses queerness in South El Monte as well as her organizing efforts and academic pursuits.


City of Monte, CA issued owners license of first business at address of the future Sugar Shack.

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Oral history of Debi Tinker and Sandee Estrada

Stacy Macías and her niece, Arianna, at Macías' graduation from the UCLA Women's Studies PhD program in 2011.

Stacy Macías and friends from Don Bosco Tech (Rosemead, Calif.) and Ramona Convent (Alhambra, Calif.) in 1988. Stacy is right of center and her first gay boyfriend, Cesar Chavez, is center in the white t-shirt.

Stacy Macías and her boyfriend, Stauce, who was then out as bisexual but has been out as gay most of his life. They are heading to a Don Bosco Tech prom in 1989.

Outside Bosco Tech NightofDance-1987jpg.jpg
Stacy Macías outside of a dance at Don Bosco.

Stacy Macías (center) in the Randolph-Macon Woman's College president's house for her graduation. She is with her friends Fabian and Ray (standing), her Aunt Nannette (left), and her mom, Sally Najar (right).
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