Oral History Interview with Teodoro Pérez and Victoria Aguilar

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Oral History Interview with Teodoro Pérez and Victoria Aguilar


Arroyo High School
Arroyo Knights
Biracial Couple
Class of 1957
Hand Sketches
Line Art
Teodoro Pérez Aguilar
Victoria Aguilar


The interview took place on April 12, 2024, in Casa Zamora at Zamora Park. The participants in this interview are Teodoro Pérez and Victoria Aguilar with their son and grandson. Teodoro was born on June 29, 1937 in Mexico. Eventually with his family they moved to Mecerdes, Texas. He describes his experiences and the racial environment of the town. After some time Teodoro and his family moved to El Monte. Victoria’s shares that her family moved to El Monte from Texas. Teodoro shares with us how drawing came naturally to him and how his talents were recognized by a teacher at school, encouraging him to have a showcase for his art. He shared how he became part of the yearbook committee for the class of 1957 for Arroyo High School. He shared a little about his inspiration for the drawings in the yearbook that came from a little book that had images of ranchero men and women.  The images he drew were inspired by the Spanish fantasy heritage, which is a romanticization of California's mission past. It was also his drawing of a knight that became the school's logo, which Arroyo still uses today.  In this interview Teodoro and Victoria discuss their own family’s journey moving to El Monte, California. They shared how they met and how they navigated being a interracial couple with society and their own families. They discuss the differences in experiences as a interracial couple in El Monte versus Texas. Additionally, the Aguilar family shared a few fun family stories with us in the interview.


Teodoro Pérez and Victoria Aguilar


Recording Interview, 1 audio file: Muralism and Art in Greater El Monte






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