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Martinez Family 2.compressed.mp3
Part 2 of the Martinez Family Interview with Ofelia Silva, the sister to Manuel Martinez. They've both spent most of their lives in El Monte. They lived in La Mission and have seen events in the LA area from the 1920’sto the present, their lives…

steve poem.mp3
Poem by Steve.

amy poem.mp3
Poetry reading by Amy Wong.

Christine poem.mp3
Poetry reading by Christine Tran.

2 Los Angeles Times.pdf
Los Angeles Times article on 1933 Berry Strike in El Monte, CA.

James Alvarado_Schleprock_10_9_1991 001.jpg
This is a 1991 flyer for a local punk show designed with a new article on Sharon Tate's murder in the background.

This is a photo of a setlist from 2012 for the local punk band, Our Band Sucks. The titles of the songs give insight into the trends, styles, and even politics of the punk scene.

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