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PLM and Ricardo Flores Magón

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Photos, art, newspaper clippings, and personal letters related to the Flores Magón brothers, the PLM, and anarchists groups in El Monte and the San…

Muralism and Art in Greater El Monte


Southern California is home to a rich history of muralism. These public works claim space, preserve and reclaim a history that is excluded and…

Literary El Monte

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LGBTQ Spaces


Primarily focused on the history of the Sugar Shack in El Monte, this collection features short interviews and documents related to to said bar. It…

Collective Shade

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For an exercise dubbed “Collective Shade,” SEMAP invited artists, students, and community members to respond to the poem “To our Pioneers,” which…

Charreria in the SGV

C.A.S.A. Zamora


Barrios of El Monte and South El Monte

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Oral histories and photographs related to Greater El Monte's historic barrios, or colonias.