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030214-NEWSLETTER PHOTOS-0146.jpg
These photographs depict several murals created by youth as part of South El Monte City's outreach projects.

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polo and mom.jpg
This is a photo of Polo Morales with his mother during his early childhood.

James Alvarado_YAPO_Corrupted Ideals_12_28_XX 001 (2).jpg
A selection of YAPO show advertisements.

Poem by Christine Tran.


"Where are you from?"

LA—El Ay—Los Ángeles—Los

"No, where are you really from?"

I am from east of East LA, where urban meets suburban

I am from the sweat of brows in sweatshops and on construction…

This is a photograph from Ron Reeder's personal collection of the Valley Mall, the same block he depicted in his proposed mural "Godzilla Visits El Monte".

Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 10.08.32 AM.jpg
This video commemorating South El Monte’s All-America City Award for 1974-1975 outlines several of the city's initiatives that helped it earn this award, including a gang-outreach program using muralism to combat graffiti.

Tract Sale May Evict 600 from Hick's Camp-13 Feb 1946.pdf
Newspaper article on the possible eviction of six hundred residents of Hick's Camp, Spanish-speaking community located on the bank of the Rio Hondo, immediately west of El Monte following an announcement by Stanley Hicks. Rev. John V. Coffield …

Tongues-Marcha Lesbica-MXCity2006.jpg
Stacy Macías (center) with the Tongues Collective at the Marcha Lébsica in Mexico City.

Stacy Macías (far left) with the Tongues Collective at the Dyke March in Silver Lake, Calif.
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