East of East

East of East: The Making of Greater El Monte

A Project of the South El Monte Arts Posse

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Abstract: Born in Whittier and raised in SEM (not yet incorporated) on his father’s walnut farm (10 acres, some trees still remain along Durfee Avenue). Interview contains vivid description of the agricultural landscape in interwar and early postwar…

Abstract: Patsy Sutley moved to El Monte in 1964, after moving to California from Amarillo, TX, where she was born and raised, two years prior. Her children attended schools in the Mountain View District and then Mountain View HS. She began work as…

Abstract: Parents met in lighting factory in El Monte. Father was from Guanajuanto, mother was from Juarez via East LA. Frank grew up in El Monte, felt EM/SEM shared an identity on account of constant traveling back and forth between the two. Started…
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