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Andy Zambrano_Off Track Moldar_5_16_2008 001.jpg

Carribean Fragoza's ay corazon. Ernesto Chaves. jpg.jpg

Carribean Fragoza's ay corazon. Ernesto Chaves. jpg.jpg

Courtesy Ron Reeder.pdf
This photograph depicts a mural created by students participating in the 1977 summer arts program at Valle Lindo High School. The program was funded by the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) and taught by artist Ron Reeder.

030214-NEWSLETTER PHOTOS-0146.jpg
These photographs depict several murals created by youth as part of South El Monte City's outreach projects.

City of Monte, CA issued owners license of first business at address of the future Sugar Shack.

IMG_2337 (1).jpg
This page contains the preface for the South El Monte history 25th anniversary booklet that was published in 1983. This page includes a photograph of the first South El Monte City Hall in 1958, a photograph of the first city council of South El…

Martinez Family 2.compressed.mp3
Part 2 of the Martinez Family Interview with Ofelia Silva, the sister to Manuel Martinez. They've both spent most of their lives in El Monte. They lived in La Mission and have seen events in the LA area from the 1920’sto the present, their lives…

Gloria Arellanes as Brown Beret.jpg
This is one of a three-picture portrait of Arellanes wearing her brown beret. Photos are taken in a drugstore photo booth.

Andre.Photo.Nishida Family in El Monte.jpg
The photograph is a courtesy of Gail Downes (granddaughter of Rikizo Nishida).
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