East of East

East of East: Mapping Community Narratives

A Project of the South El Monte Arts Posse

Education in El Monte and South El Monte

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Education in El Monte and South El Monte


Oral Histories that address the history of education in El Monte and South El Monte


Daniel Morales, Nick Juravich, South El Monte Arts Posse

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Interview of Dr Mary Louise Labrucherie
Summary: Dr Mary Labrucherie, long time superintendent of the Valley Lindo School District talks with SEMAP about the history of the school district and El Monte. Her career as Superintendent and remaking of the district curriculum and teachers.

Interview with Olga Gutierrez
Abstract: This was a somewhat impromptu interview that began when Olga (who was overseeing walk-in oral histories at La Historia) began speaking about her experiences as an educator with me (I had just returned from UCLA, which prompted the…

Interview with Patsy Sutley and Ida Werrett
Abstract: Patsy Sutley moved to El Monte in 1964, after moving to California from Amarillo, TX, where she was born and raised, two years prior. Her children attended schools in the Mountain View District and then Mountain View HS. She began work as…

Interview with Richard Hernandez
Abstract: Grandfather came during Mexican Revolution, settled on Montecito Drive in Medina Court, had 13 children, of whom Richard’s mother was one. Parents started out as agricultural workers, became factory workers in SEM and EM (Richard would help…

Abstract: Father and grandfather bought two acres in EM from “old man Dinas” in 1937, built house that Griffith still lives in. Grew up agricultural setting, playing in the river, drank goat’s milk until kindergarten. Mother was teacher in EM at…

Interview with Ernie Gutierrez
Summary: Ernie Gutierrez has spent a lifetime navigating the politics of El Monte. In this three-part interview he talks about segregation, the school system, problems of discrimination that Mexicans have faced through the generations in the city. He…
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